Air Dior High & Low

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Air Dior High and Low

After months of delay and aggressive advertising by Dior and their affiliates, the raffle for the Air Dior went live in June 2020. Despite the sneakers price tags of €1,900 and €1,700 for the highs and lows respectively, 5 million participants signed up to win their pair.

Dior representatives in Paris confirmed that they released only 300 pairs in their store – the majority of them being the low cuts.

Unlike most Jordans which are produced in Nike factories, the production was overseen by Dior, justifying somewhat the four-digit retail price point. Some notable highlights demonstrating the craftsmanship include the oblique Dior print on both the swoosh and tongue; the Air Dior wings logo by the ankle, the thicker, softer Dior laces with silver aglets; and the ice-blue sole which features the same Air Dior logo as sported across this capsule collection.

The insides of the shoes are also different from regular Jordans as they all come with an individual printed number – highs and lows both out of 8500. Special promotional pairs do have Miami on the inside which does hint that there are far more than 17,000 total pairs.

Despite the hype which pushed many away from the release, HypePlug is keeping multiple pairs in the closet as these are truly an iconic collaboration.

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