MEDICOM x Nike SB Dunk Low Elite BE@RBRICK

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Nike SB Dunk Low Elite BE@RBRICK

These Nike SB Dunk Low Elite BE@RBRICK are a part of a Friends & Family pack which included the size 8 sneakers, and two corresponding 100% and 400%. The F&F pack was exclusively distributed to Nike SB team riders.

This pair is draws inspiration from the 2005 Medicom Dunk with the frayed denim style, two toned panel, and iconic colourway.

In 2020, Medicom partnered with Nike SB again to release a similar figurine, with a more glossy finish.

This history of the Nike SB Dunk reads something like a sneaker-world fairytale. What started with a risk — bringing an 1980s basketball shoe back in the 2000s — ended up igniting the world of skateboarding and changed sneaker culture forever. Since 2002, the shoe has resisted definition while attracting devotion around the world. Skateboarders still skate any Dunk to death. Loyal fans keep collecting the latest drops.

Over the past 15 years, a unique alchemy connecting the Nike SB Dunk legacy to skateboarding and pop culture developed. Collaborations and special partnerships helped make that legacy extraordinary. And standing out among the various partners, MEDICOM TOY, the famed Japanese collectable maker, has been both a constant associate and progressive innovator.

Nike and MEDICOM TOY have worked together since 2002, first creating a limited-edition set of Nike-styled BE@RBRICKS. Over the years, projects from Nike Football and Nike basketball (including a series of AF1) have materialized.
Despite the breadth of engagement, skateboarding is where the connection is strongest — especially with the Nike SB dunk.
The first Nike SB x MEDICOM TOY Dunk, white/college blue with orange accents, released in 2004, and the Nike SB Dunk MEDICOM TOY 2 followed in 2005. With its medium grey/black denim upper, the shoe was immediately recognized as a certified grail. Other shoes that followed toyed with an ever-inventive palate of materials — including reflective 3M, Gore-Tex and even faux fur — the MEDICOM TOY 2 remained the benchmark.

Today, Nike SB and MEDICOM TOY bring a historic twist to the new and innovative Nike SB Zoom Dunk Elite Low. Like the silhouette, the collaboration itself honors the past and points to the future of skateboarding.


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